Wednesday, July 29, 2009

From Vibrant Wildflowers will Come Autumn Hues

Hiking through a sea of wildflowers at their peak is a lot like being the first person to get fresh powder turns on a blue sky day with 3 feet of feathers at your feet! It's somewhat rare.

That's what we found Sunday on the Cuttler Basin trail to Ben Lomond Peak. The trail is somewhat difficult at first with few switchbacks to break up the steep slope, lots of vertical, and rocks strewn here and there just to make it interesting, but it was well worth the effort once we hit the open meadows. The hillsides were awash with brillant yellow, green, red, purple, pink, white, was like mother nature had injected the mountain with steroids. It's not every year you get so many flowers peaking at the same time with such vibrant colors.

This same trail will offer up brilliant hues once again as summer creeps away and fall settles in. I'll be back to check it out so stay tuned.

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