Thursday, September 30, 2010

Although we were one of the cars that lost the main group, we still had a great day. We will definitely be there on the 2nd to see what beautiful location has been selected for us to photograph. (Always check the rear view mirror to see what you might be missing.)

Hiking in North Fork

The little girl, dog, and dad came by while we were ending shooting in one of the vast number of trails in North Fork.

North Fork Park

Another Beautiful Morning in the Ogden Valley!

Maple Tree Ablaze

I found the workshops
gave me a chance to
experiment with my
'point and shoot'
allowing me a lot more
options and more fun
creating pictures.
P.S. I could use a
workshop in the Blog

White Berries

Not much color here but I liked the brown leaves against the white berries and I finally was able to blur the background!

North Fork autumn colors

Perfect weather and autumn colors. Great way to spend the morning.

Another beautiful day in Ogden Valley. I learned how to motion blur it was a lot of fun to learn. Thanks for the great tips

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Great Saturday Morning

Another great day in Ogden Valley. We learned so much about photographing water, focusing, and filters. Can't wait for next week!

Trees are Neon Yellow & Red at Powder Mountain

My camera is not working otherwise I would love to share the brilliance of the the colors at Powder Mountain today. Groves of yellow aspens are surrounded by pines making a dramatic contrast. Add to this that the maples are also at the peak of their color.

If you want a really memorable fall color experience, take the 4 X 4 Fall Color Adventure withing the next week or two. The weather is warm, wildlife is active and the views are incredible. Mention OVBA fall color discount for a 10% discount. 801-940-0610

Fall Colors Workshop - Day 2

Another great day at the fall colors workshop! Unfortunately the cars I was following on the way there took a wrong turn and we got a bit lost, unable to find the main group. But we still managed to get out, explore a bit, and get some great images. We were very lucky to find some still water, which allowed us to get some great reflection shots. The two images below are not flipped upside down! They're just images of the reflections themselves.

Monday, September 27, 2010

North Fork

The vistas were wonderful. And I couldn't resist this shot of an old mower wheel. But my favorite was this little fern glen.

Fall Color Workship

 What a wonderful day. Thanks to the OVBA and our mentors, and especially to the fellow who helped me find my lost keys! These are a few of my shots. North Fork provided such a wonderful place for shots of light on water.

Frosty morning

Our workshop on the 25th started with a beautiful crisp morning . . . thanks for the opportunity to photograph the beauty of the valley. It was a frosty morning for this teasel but the sunshine will warm it up! Susan

Fall Color Workshop - 9/15/2010

What a wonderful day! I love nature! This workshop has brought me to the Eden, Utah area for the first time. I have now somewhat experienced Snowbasin and North Fork. They are very pretty and peaceful. Thank you again for providing this opportunity!

Thank you Ogden Valley Business Association for arranging these workshops! Thank you Ogden Camera Club for your friendship and advice!

I just loved the contrast of colors in the following shot.

I took this one before we ever left Eden, UT. The grasshoppers were everywhere, if you looked for them. They must have still been cold because they were just hanging out on this vegetation.

This was my very first time trying to get a motion blur shot. I knew you were suppose to set a camera for a longer shutter speed, but I did not realize everything else that had to happen at the same time.

I did not plan this motion blur shot, but as people were graciously helping me figure out my camera, Pam moved in for a shot. I did not mind in the least. I just hope she did not mind me taking her picture.

OK, these berries were about 30-40 feet away from me, up in the air, but I loved how the light hit them and the yellow leaves even farther behind the berries. I took more pictures of this shot than any other. That is because it took me that long to figure out how to set my camera so that it was not too dark or blurry.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Workshop Video

This is a short video from today's workshop. Click the Fall Colors 2010 link below the video to see a larger view.

Fall Colors 2010 from Mike Brice on Vimeo.

North Fork Park Autumn Foliage and Reflections in Stream

Another successful Fall Color Photography Workshop in Ogden Valley. Thanks to Jim Halay and the rest of the Ogden Camera Club mentors for teaching us some great stuff!