Monday, September 27, 2010

Fall Color Workshop - 9/15/2010

What a wonderful day! I love nature! This workshop has brought me to the Eden, Utah area for the first time. I have now somewhat experienced Snowbasin and North Fork. They are very pretty and peaceful. Thank you again for providing this opportunity!

Thank you Ogden Valley Business Association for arranging these workshops! Thank you Ogden Camera Club for your friendship and advice!

I just loved the contrast of colors in the following shot.

I took this one before we ever left Eden, UT. The grasshoppers were everywhere, if you looked for them. They must have still been cold because they were just hanging out on this vegetation.

This was my very first time trying to get a motion blur shot. I knew you were suppose to set a camera for a longer shutter speed, but I did not realize everything else that had to happen at the same time.

I did not plan this motion blur shot, but as people were graciously helping me figure out my camera, Pam moved in for a shot. I did not mind in the least. I just hope she did not mind me taking her picture.

OK, these berries were about 30-40 feet away from me, up in the air, but I loved how the light hit them and the yellow leaves even farther behind the berries. I took more pictures of this shot than any other. That is because it took me that long to figure out how to set my camera so that it was not too dark or blurry.

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