Thursday, October 22, 2009

Autumn Down by the River

I love being outside. I love to hike and bike, but one always gives way to the other as there never seems to be enough time to do both. I especially love hiking in the fall when the temperatures are cool, and the fallen leaves make that crispy crunch sound under your feet. Until today I didn’t know I could get the hiking experience I relish combined with the biking high I crave.

I was in Ogden for an appointment right before lunch. Thinking ahead I put my bike on the car, hoping the weather would cooperate. Most of my bike time is spent on the country roads that wind through the Ogden and Morgan Valley’s so I’m not very familiar with the biking options in the lower valley. I decided to take a spin along the Weber River Parkway that winds through Riverdale City. What a grand surprise!

With the exception of a few groves of aspen the mountains have shed their color, but to my delight the parkway was enchanting. The cottonwood trees are still awash with the yellow shades of autumn, just now beginning to shed their leaves. The path hugs the river for several miles and you would never know that a bustling city was right next door.
While cruising the trail I discovered a small BMX park next to the Riverdale City Complex. A Frisbee golf course was busy with lots of play. There were walkers, joggers, and bikers enjoying the day and also a nature trail tucked into a wooded area. There are several trailheads that access the parkway and each is well maintained with nice restroom facilities. The paved surface is in excellent condition with a few sections of brand new trail.

So how was this biking experience like hiking? First, the trail is bordered on both sides by towering trees reminding me of the Indian Trail. Second, in several places the fallen leaves had piled up, completely covering the hard surface. As I rode through these sections I heard that crisp crunch I love, but it was under my bike tires instead of my hiking boots. It was a wonderful way to spend a lunch hour.

Get there quick as the weather experts are predicting another taste of winter by Tuesday! You can find more details about the Weber River Parkway at \

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Fond Farewell to a Funtastic Fall

Fall fades so fast it sometimes feels like we are living in a fairyland fantasy. I know, there are a lot of "f's" featured in this post but that's kind of fun. I'm in a bit of a funk, having to say a fond farewell to fall, but far be it for me to mess with Mother Nature. As far as I'm concerned, falling leaves in fall are just setting the stage for more fun to come as the "Greatest Snow on Earth" starts to fall. Bring it on!

Glorious Weather

Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday, October 12, 2009

From Red to Gold

The mountains are still alive with color but the reds have faded, replaced by a wide range of gold and mustard. Today was an excellent day for a hike with blue skies, a little wind, but warmer than expected temperatures. Sounds like a storm is rolling in for midweek and then it's back to fine weather for the weekend. My advice, get out and enjoy these beautiful days.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Huntsville Square

The leaves are a changing at Huntsville Square. Stroll around the park. There are some great photo opportunities for family pictures.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Snow on the runs of Snowbasin and soft colors on Pineview

I got some nice shots of Snowbasin from the valley floor today. Looking forward to the start of our season!! How about you.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Draba Digs October Snow

Draba looks a little sad here even though he just finished chasing his first snowball of the season. He's sad because his favorite season is winter and he was very aware that the snow was melting under today's beautiful sunny skies!

I told him the good news was there will be many more autumn hikes before winter arrives for good. That made him happy because he loves hiking almost as much as snowballs.

Crayola Delight

I was pleasantly surprised when the storm clouds departed this morning after spreading a rich frosting of mountaintop snow. The mountains were awash with the Crayola colors of my youth. Atomic Tangerine, Burnt Orange, Mahogany, and Neon Carrot, have been joined by Mango Tango, Maize, Raw Sienna, Blue Gray and Asparagus. The sky was a perfect Blizzard Blue (although I have just discovered this color was recently retired by Crayola).

The colors are more soothing and less dramatic than last week. The maples remain red, the oaks are a wide range of orange and bronze, the aspens are golden in one pod and green in another, and the grasses have a metallic hue.

The weather forecast is encouraging with sunny or partly cloudy skies for the next few days and temperatures in the 50’s. Make sure to visit your favorite trail this week.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Foliage After the First Snow on October 1, 2009

A quick trip to Snowbasin and Powder Mountain after the first snow of the season on September 30, 2009, provided some beautiful foliage shots accentuated by the new snow. The first two shots were taken on the Old Snowbasin Road and the last shot was, obviously, at Powder Mountain's Sundown base area.

blog update

We took a drive up the canyon last week as the storm ended and got these pictures.  I was surprised at the mix of trees that had lost their leaves to how many were still green.  There is still a lot of color still and as the storm clears today there should be opportunity for some really cool pictures.

Ogden Valley - A Great HUB for Adventure

One of the bests things about living in Northern Utah is how close we are to amazing adventure opportunities. Within five hours or less you can travel to a myrid of spectacular locations including wild rivers, wilderness areas, and dozens of national parks and recreation areas. Make Ogden Valley your HUB for 360 degree adventure. We traveled to Jackson Hole and Grand Teton National Park for a few days of R&R and it turned out to be a WOW weekend.

Fragile and Frigid Fall

Autumn in Utah has many faces. In the last few days we have experienced everything from bone chilling wintery winds, rainy down pours, blue skies, and snow showers. The changing weather drastically changes the landscape and makes everyday a surprise!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Monte Cristo in Between Snowfalls

Expansive views on Highway 39 between Huntsville and Woodruff are especially nice in between early season snowfalls.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

What a difference a day can make in the Ogden Valley!

Living in Ogden has its pros and cons, but this past week, the daily drive through the canyon has been awesome. I keep leaving my camera at home, and some of the best shots that I have wanted to take are usually somewhere I can't pull over. These are a couple I took from my mobile phone this morning. I love the snow on the top of the mountain with the leaves on the hillside below. I am excited for the next couple of days while the weather is a little cold yet the leaves are still beautiful. And I am happy to offer a free drink to anyone stopping by the restaurant to eat if you mention this post.

Snow at Powder Mountain

The last day of September brought 5 inches of snow to Powder Mountain. As I write, two boys are setting up a rail outside my window. I am hoping it will melt enough to take people out on the Fall Color Safari next week. Regardless, it is beautiful!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A light dusting on vibrant fall colors

WOW, today was amazing with bright colors and snow topped mountains. Powder Mountain and Snowbasin are both reporting measurable amounts of snow.

Here's some photos I took while chasing the sun around the valley.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Take a Drive or Bicycle Ride on the Old Snowbasin Road - Evening and Morning

Evening view (above and below) yesterday. I have been known to spend a little time in Photoshop, but these pictures did not require a single touch up!

Below, on my way back up this morning, I had to stop to catch this shot of a small group of homes just off Hwy 39 looking toward Snowbasin.

Morning views of Snowbasin and Pineveiw Reservoir below.