Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Crayola Delight

I was pleasantly surprised when the storm clouds departed this morning after spreading a rich frosting of mountaintop snow. The mountains were awash with the Crayola colors of my youth. Atomic Tangerine, Burnt Orange, Mahogany, and Neon Carrot, have been joined by Mango Tango, Maize, Raw Sienna, Blue Gray and Asparagus. The sky was a perfect Blizzard Blue (although I have just discovered this color was recently retired by Crayola).

The colors are more soothing and less dramatic than last week. The maples remain red, the oaks are a wide range of orange and bronze, the aspens are golden in one pod and green in another, and the grasses have a metallic hue.

The weather forecast is encouraging with sunny or partly cloudy skies for the next few days and temperatures in the 50’s. Make sure to visit your favorite trail this week.

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