Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ogden Valley and the Snow Basin Ski Resort

What a wonderful way to spend a Saturday morning! The colors were just starting to pop in the Valley and Snow Basin. The next couple of weeks will be a beautiful array of colors that I can't wait to see - and try to capture with my camera. My pictures don't do the mountains justice but I'm learning from some great men and women - thanks for all the help OVBA and Ogden Photography club!
Even pesky wasps around the deck at home became something to marvel at here!

Driving back from SB were able to look out over the Valley and Pineview Reservoir. It looked so peaceful from the top and you could see the boats on the lake having a great time even from a distance.

And driving further into the Valley we found a great fall getaway just minutes from the reservoir complete with a small lake, mountain views, a bridge, and fall color. I wonder where we'll end up this Saturday. Saturday morning is turning into my favorite time of the week!

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