Monday, October 4, 2010

Fun Around Ogden Valley

Wow! What a glorious morning on Powder Mountain! I wish I was fast enough to catch the moose on the way up but my camera was in the back of the car. Congratulations to those who were ready for the shot. The aspens are in full color and are magnificent to see.
This really shows the quaking aspen leaves up close and moving. It was fun trying new ideas - thanks Ogden Camera Club mentors for teaching us new (at least to us) techniques.

Powder Mountain is full of natural beauty and we hated to leave.

After our morning up Powder Mountain, several of us took a little hike on Wheeler Creek Trail. The trail starts out on an old road turned rocky ground but even I could make it up part way and Im glad I did. What a beautiful place!

My favorite photo of the stream that runs through Wheeler Creek. Thanks again Ogden Valley Business Association and Ogden Camera Club!

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