Thursday, October 18, 2012

Update from the Full Autumn Liberation League!

Fall color update:
Today we're going to start in Ogden City. Still more green than other colors, but Autumn colors showing more and more each day. Probably about a week to peak. Ogden Canyon has probably peaked already, thanks to the wind last night. Near the mouth, there are about 20% nude trees, 30% green trees, and 50% in color, mostly yellows. As you move up the Canyon, you'll see more nude trees, fewer colors and greens. By the time you hit the dam, 40% nude, 5% green and 55% color, mostly yellow and gold. The Upper Ogden Valley floor has a lot of green but some nudes as well - thanks again to the wind last night. Yellows going strong, prettiest near water sources. Reds and oranges are occassional. Still pretty overall, but you work harder (or drive longer) for the color payoff. Southfork teases with a burst of color right at the mouth, but mostly nude as you move up. Surprisingly, more green than color, but more nude than green. A beautiful patch of red brush is hanging out right above the Botts campground. As you approach the Red Cliff Ranch there is more foilage, with greens and yellows about even. All the way up there are bursts of color in areas sheltered from the wind. It is definitely late Fall in the higher elevations. The ground is not ready for snow (arrgh) yet, but probably not much more than a week or two left. Enjoy if you can!
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